The second single out of our upcoming album "REFLECTIONS" is released on all streaming platforms. 



Come and join us on June 16th to celebrate the release of our debut album "REFLECTIONS"  at the

Raven's Cave in Lörrach


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FIRST REVIEW OF “REFLECTIONS” is ONLINE! Metalplanetmusic wrote about our new record:


“Phew!  …I clearly need a lot of Fireborn in my life! This is exactly what I want from a modern Hard Rock album.”


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The pre-order for our 1st album “Reflections” finally has started worldwide via Deko Entertainment for North America and our partners Cargo Records UK for the UK and Atomic Fire Records for Europe and Germany.


The bundle option will be added to the ATOMIC FIRE store the next days, we will keep you posted!

Thanks a lot for ALL your support, here you can find the different links to pre-order the album and the bundles:


We are very proud to show you the fantastic cover-art for our upcoming  1st album   “Reflections” – the release date will be the June 16th 2023 via Deko Entertainment. The pre-sale will start worldwide next week, on the 12th of April.  The terrific artwork was done by the Hungarian art-wizard GYULA (ACCEPT, STRATOVARIUS, WINTERSUN, BURNING WITCHES) and melts perfectly with the soundscapes on our first record: powerful, vibrant, atmospheric and diverse!

Tracklist: Young Heart Dies - As Long As I Love You - Angel In Need - The Eye Of A Hurricane - Deep Blue Water - Proud And Ashamed - Guide You Home - Pack Of Wolves - You Seem So Far - Ferryman - Punchline - Malicious Rose - Done With You - Set Off

Lead singer Jenny states:  „ Showing our first album cover to the world, is very special and   pretty emotional for me!  It was a true honor to work with the Hungarian cover artist GYULA, supercool to be recorded by the Swiss studio master V.O. Pulver (Burning Witches, Destruction, NERVOSA) and and it was exciting to get produced by DESTRUCTION mastermind SCHMIER  (BURNING WITCHES, PÄNZER)!    I am pretty sure, that you will hear all the passion that we put into this album and I hope you will dig it!"

FIREBORN producer Schmier (BURNING WITCHES, DESTRUCTION) adds: “There gotta be something special to arouse my interest as a music fan and as a composer and performer, something that touches my soul and gives me the  chills. This really happened the first time I heard Jenny from FIREBORN sing. They caught my full attention and as the band is from around my area,  I offered to help with the production of their 1st album and that made me fan, cause I m a fan of timelessly good rock music ! They play modern classic rock with a golden raspy female voice,  that is powerful and at the same time very fragile but always melodic and catchy. FIREBORN are fresh and yet traditional. Alternative but also Metal – hooks for eternity! Check them out if you adore ROCK music!”  

FIREBORN SIGNS WORLDWIDE RECORD DEAL WITH DEKO ENTERTAINMENT! We are super excited to announce that we’re signed to the US label Deko Entertainment !! 

Singer Jenny comments: „NEVER GIVE UP! I’m so thankful that we found a fantastic label partner who’s believing in us. Becoming a part of the DEKO family feels amazing, so many established artist on their roster, it is a real honour! We can’t wait to start into a new chapter and see what the future will bring for us. We have some amazing plans, so please stay tuned and be ready for some more big news soon! 


We are thrilled to present you our new single and video  for „Done with You“!

The modern, groovy guitar driven rock song, offers catchy hooks and raspy melodic vocals - we are FIREBORN, stay tuned, more new music will follow in the near future!